Baby Stroller Buying Guide

Other than the family car, the first vehicle that your child will spend any time in is his or her baby stroller. This makes your baby’s stroller a very important item and as time passes and your child grows, you may find that you need more than just one.

Safety and your baby’s comfort are the two most important things to consider when choosing a baby stroller. However, you need to keep yourself in mind also. After all, you are the one who will be lifting, carrying and pushing the stroller. So, look for the type of stroller that will make your life easier.

Standard Baby Strollers


peg perego booklet baby strollerThis type of baby stroller is available in different styles, colors, and designs. They usually have padded seats for comfort that also recline. Most of these strollers come with under seat storage and many have a sun shade. Seating can vary from forward facing to rear facing, and some can have the option to do both.

Prices for these type strollers can range from a very affordable $50.00 all the way up to over $1000.00 for high-end models with plenty of features.

Right now, the Peg Perego Booklet pictured here is the top rated standard stroller for 2018.

The Peg Perego Booklet also offers a travel system option. Read our complete review to see why this stroller ranks so well.


Car Seat Strollers

car seat baby strollerSomewhat similar to the Standard Strollers, these models consist of a lightweight “bare bones” frame that allows you to attach a car seat.

Simply remove your car seat (with the baby in it) from the base inside your car and just snap it onto the stroller frame.

This is a good option for parents that know they will be taking their baby in or out the car often.

They fold up easily and need very little space. Although less costly than the average baby stroller, a car seat stroller is only practical for infants weighing up to 30 or 35 pounds, depending upon the weight limit of the compatible car seat.

Pictured here is the highly recommended Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame which is compatible with the Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat and the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat.

Check out our full review for more details on this and other stroller frame systems.

Baby Stroller Combos

Travel System Strollers

Travel system baby strollerThese are package deals that usually consist of a heavier and larger standard stroller and matching car seat and base. They cost more than a car seat carrier, but the quality is better and they can be used for a longer time. This is made possible because you do not need to attach the car seat into the stroller once your child has outgrown it.

Travel systems are attractive to many new parents because purchasing one offers the option of getting two or three matching components (stroller, car seat with base, bassinet/carrycot) at a lower price than if purchased separately. One downside though is weight.

Read our  Baby Stroller Travel Systems vs Combination Strollers Review to learn more about the pros and cons of travel system strollers and the similarity between travel systems and combination strollers. See our recommendations to find out which package would suit your needs best.

Combination Strollers

Combination Baby StrollerVery similar to travel system strollers, these stroller packages resemble “bassinets with wheels”. Similar in style to the classic English pram, the bassinet feature allows you to have your baby lay flat.

There are many variations with combo strollers. Some come with removable seats to accommodate the bassinet feature and some can also accept a car seat. Quite often though, you need to purchase the car seat, base and/or adapter separately. Although more useful, a combination set up is also more costly.


The Classic Baby Stroller

Classic Baby StrollerThis type of baby stroller is reminiscent of the traditional English pram. They offer a flat and ample sleeping surface for your baby. The classic styled baby carriage or pram often have large spoke wheels with inflatable tires that can actually be removed for servicing, These carriages are well suited for all babies from birth to three years old.

Quite elegant, the English pram style baby stroller is usually very expensive with top quality features. Although you can find some lower priced versions under $100.00, expect to pay between $300.00 up to $1800.00 for a high-end baby stroller.


Lightweight Baby Strollers

Lightweight Baby StrollerMore suited for older babies and toddlers because of the lack of head support and the inability to recline fully, the lightweight umbrella stroller is a no-frills simple stroller. They weigh between 10 and 12 lbs., fold easily and take up very little space folded. They are less expensive than other models and often used as a backup baby stroller for traveling.