Buying Travel System Strollers Online

Buying Travel System Strollers Online

The Easiest Way By Far to Buy a Travel System

Not long before our son was born, my wife and I decided that we needed to do some research on travel system strollers.

We knew that we needed both a car seat and a stroller, so a product that combined the two together was ideal.

The bigger department stores usually have only one line and we found the sales clerks really didn’t know much about the strollers that they were trying to sell us. We wanted a baby stroller travel system and decided to go online and find one.

We also realized that shopping for Travel System Baby Strollers online can be easier and more effective than looking around for the same product at the local mall. Being eight months pregnant, my wife greatly appreciated not having to spend the time going from store to store.

Which Travel System Is Best

The primary consideration with travel system strollers should always be safety. You should make every effort to deal with companies that keep safety as a priority when manufacturing their products. When it comes to value, travel system strollers which include a stroller, car seat and often other

Although you can usually rely on quality strollers and travel systems to have all the necessary features, it is always a good idea to make sure that whatever stroller that you are considering has everything that you expected it to have

Look for a stroller with washable fabric. Find one that folds easily and check the measurements of the folded stroller and your vehicle. It is a bit frustrating when that stroller you just bought is a little too big to fit in your trunk or the back of your vehicle. So, take a minute and check first.

It is also important to look for features like seats that easily adjust, proper storage for diaper bags or shopping bags, handles with height adjustments and on travel system strollers a good car seat base or chassis. Be sure that the car seat attaches safely both in the car and on the stroller.

Safety and convenience features go hand in hand. The higher quality strollers have features that contribute to the overall safety of the unit. One simple example is wheels. Larger wheels with quality bearings make a stroller much easier to push which is a convenience to the one pushing. Subsequently, large wheels also make a stroller more stable and less likely to tip, which is a great safety feature

Comparing Travel System Strollers

When you begin to check prices of travel system strollers, you’ll see big price differences between less expensive models and the high-end strollers. Cheap strollers can be found everywhere. Some will have good features, some won’t.

Just remember that there is no substitute for quality. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your child’s safety. The cheaper strollers may look similar to the higher quality strollers, but the cheaper models are very often made of inferior materials and they are just not durable or reliable enough. A decent travel system will run somewhere between $300.00 and $600.00 with the high-end units costing more. Once you have made the choice between just a buying a stroller or opting for one of the travel system strollers, you can find some reputable baby stroller brands out there.

High-End Travel System Strollers

One high-end and company is.Stokke Their products are very chic, quite stylish, and very high quality. However, they are quite pricey. If money is no object, Stokke can and will supply you with great baby strollers or travel stroller systems to choose from. I would not say to avoid Stokke, but I would not wholeheartedly recommend their Xplory stroller.

Objectively speaking though. it is difficult to justify a price range between $1200.00 and $1500.00 for a baby stroller. That is what the Stokke people charge for their combination baby stroller systems. 

The purple Stokke Xplory travel system pictured below  for 2017 originally cost over $1400.00 and newer black 2018 Stokke Xplory Stroller by itself can be purchased anywhere from approximately $900 up to  $1150.00 depending upon the color you choose.

Although there are strollers that cost that much and more, there are expectations for a baby stroller with such a high price tag. Those expectations would include user-friendly and essential design components. Those features just do not seem to be present with the Stokke Xplory.

My overall opinion was that this stroller was awkward to use compared to other baby strollers, with many of the functions like the basic setup just being difficult to manage. You really need to keep the owners manual on hand for a while. The Stokke Xplory definitely has some benefits though.The height adjustable seat which allows you to position your child up higher for an improved view is a nice touch. You can also have your child face forward or turn the seat to face you. It is also a very comfortable stroller that is easy to maneuver, and it’s durable.

However, there are other downsides to the Xplory. It is heavy, 28 pounds, and bulky. It also seems a bit top heavy and it’s not easily stowed in the trunk of a typical sedan. I have read some reviews from people who really love this stroller, but my recommendation would be that if you live in a city and want to spend this much money on a stroller, you might want to shop around a little bit more.

If you really like the look and style of the Stokke Xplory and want to stay with a high-end stroller, The model shown above is the Bugaboo Fox which is similar in style to the classic English pram, is a very good alternative with all of the style and none of the drawbacks, and it costs less than the Stokke.

Another good manufacturer that offers strollers of high quality with great safety features is Peg Perego. We liked their strollers and purchased a travel system stroller online that was a forerunner but similar to the Peg-Perego Book Cross travel system pictured below. 

It was so much easier than going from store to store and we have been very pleased with our purchase. It was our first Peg-Perego purchase and when our kids outgrew it there was still a lot of life left in the stroller and car seat.

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 For travel system strollers, both Peg Perego and Bugaboo are quite good. Both companies offer quality products at reasonable prices. Well, reasonable by high-end standards.

There really isn’t anything more important than making sure your baby is safe. So, when it comes to buying travel system strollers look for the safest and the best,