Jogging Stroller Review-Bob Revolution Flex

Jogging Stroller Review-Bob Revolution Flex

Bob Revolution Flex - A Great Choice for Active Parents

Although you will see it referred to as the BOB Revolution Flex” because 2016 was when the latest major update was made to the stroller, the stroller featured here is the most current model.

BOB is an acronym for “Beast of Burden”, a company that started in Califonia in 1994 building bike trailers and evolved until they created the BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller.BOB was the first company to introduce the locking swivel wheel on a jogging stroller. Since 2011 BOB has been part of Britax, a company that offers a large line of strollers, car seats and various products for family activities.

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller 

The  BOB Revolution Flex pretty much epitomizes the look and feel of a traditional jogging stroller. Although it may not be as stylish looking as some of the other modern strollers it is definitely a well-built quality product, that maneuvers well over almost every terrain. This feature alone is a good reason to consider the BOB Flex as being the only stroller that you may need to buy.

The front wheel that can either lock or swivel and give this fairly large stroller a tight and small turning radius is very impressive. It is very user-friendly and easy to push, both off-road and on. When the front wheel is set to swivel the stroller is able to turn much easier and respond quicker. When you are are on bumpier terrain the locked position will keep the stroller tracking straight without going off course.

The jogging design, adjustable suspension, and air-filled tires of the Revolution Flex definitely contribute to making this stroller the better stroller of the top three reviewed for ease of use on uneven surfaces. It is also the only one of these three strollers with adjustable suspension.

BOB Flex Jogging Stroller Suspension

The Revolution Flex is equipped with single action hand and foot brakes that work well. The foot brake is operated by a pedal that is easily accessible and located in the center of the lower frame cross member between the rear wheels. The hand brakes are located on either side of the handlebar just behind the top of the canopy.

BOB Flex Jogging Stroller Swivel wheel
The handlebar is also adjustable. The Flex Revolution has a very large canopy with a clear vinyl see-thru window, with additional ventilation for airflow when the seat back is reclined.

BOB Flex Jogging Stroller Canopy

 “Watch the Manufacturer’s Video Below to See The Revolution Flex’s Maneuverability and Features”

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Revolution Flex Summary


  • Great runner on smooth and rough terrain
  • Fantastic maneuverability.
  • Adjustable rear suspension that adds great shock absorption.
  • The  5-point harness is easy to use and adjust.
  • Folding is easy but requires two hands.


  • The stroller is large, and unfolding can be awkward.
  • Heavy
  • There is no console or parent/child tray.
  • A car seat adapter must also be purchased separately.
  • Higher Price