Jogging Stroller Review-Burley Design Solstice

Jogging Stroller Review-Burley Design Solstice

The Most User-Friendly Jogging Stroller of 2018

The Burley Solstice is an award winning jogging stroller that has a perfect combination of function and style. The Burley name has been around since 1978 when the company started out by making bike trailers in Oregon. At this point in time, the Burley Solstice is the only jogging stroller offered by Burley, and it is quite impressive.

The award-winning Solstice jogging stroller is the perfect blend of style and function, with quick and easy folding that can be done with one hand.

An automatic locking feature allows you to fold and lock the stroller in one smooth motion. When folded, the stroller is kept from touching the ground by resting on its wheels.

This is a great feature that allows you to roll the stroller instead of having to lift and carry it. You also have the option of standing the stroller on end for easy storage.

Burley folded
Burley Folded-Standing

Solstice Key Features

  • Easily folds, unfolds, and locks automatically using one hand.
  • The stroller is kept from touching the ground by resting on its wheels when folded, allowing you to roll the stroller instead of having to lift and carry it .
  • S.I.T. Seat technology keeps straps untangled making it easier to put your child into the stroller and back out again.
  • Seat back adjusts by using one hand. 
  • Adjustable padded handlebar raises and moves outward simultaneuosly.
  • 12” front swivel wheel that can be locked fore stability when jogging, or unlocked for better maneuverability.
  • Coil-springs suspension provide a smoother ride.
  • Impact resistant rear wheels with inflatable tires
  • Reclining seat
  • 5-point harness
  • Adjustable tracking on front wheel
  • Extra-large storage
  • All adjustment locations are bright yellow and easily visible.
  • Handlebar wrist strap for emergency control
  • Foot-operated parking brake

“Watch the Manufacturer’s Video Below to See How all the Features Work”

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When it comes to turning and pushing on flat surfaces, the Burley Design Solstice performs very well and glides smoothly. It lso navigates well in tight areas like store aisles. You could probably control this stroller easily using one hand.

However, the yellow button that you need to push when folding is right in the center of the handlebar. It is somewhat awkward, forcing you to hold the handlebar a bit off center for one-handed pushing. It is not a big deal, but it is noticeable.

Burley handlebar


The Burley Design Solstice is also impressive when used in off-road situations. It handles just as well on gravel and grass as on smooth and flat surfaces. The fact that it performs so well off-road makes this stroller a good option for playgrounds, running trails or any activity on terrain that may be unpredictable.


The Burley Solstice has  definitely earned the right to be called “The Most User-Friendly Jogging Stroller of 2108”. It is a fun stroller that is safe and easily manageable. It is a rugged stroller with all the personality that you would expect from a true jogger. The beauty of this beast is that it is also a great stroller for everyday use.