Stroller Review-Peg Perego Booklet

Stroller Review-Peg Perego Booklet

Peg Perego Booklet – Best Baby Stroller of 2019

The Peg Perego Booklet Standard Stroller is a perfect baby stroller for every outing. It is comfortable for your baby and simple to use which makes it a very user-friendly stroller. The Booklet is easy to steer and offers great mobility, an important feature when navigating in tight places like a narrow store aisle or a crowded sidewalk.

 It is also incredibly easy to fold and you can fold it closed with one hand. The combination of a lightweight aluminum frame and its “booklet-like” inward folding mechanism make it easy to fold, carry, and stow in small spaces. Once folded the Booklet is narrow and compact

“Watch the Manufacturer’s Video Below to See How all the Features Work”

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The fact that Booklet folds inward ensures that the upholstery is protected and stays clean. There is also a built-in locking system that keeps the Booklet closed when transporting or storing it. It can also stand upright once it is closed, another good feature that helps keep the stroller clean by eliminating the need to lay the folded stroller on the ground.

Why This Baby Stroller Ranks So Well

  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Cleans easily
  • UPF 50+ sunshade
  • Diaper bag hooks
  • Easy to adjust push bar
  • Great turning radius
  • Self – Standing
  • Lightweight
  • Ample seat area
  • Compact aluminum frame


  • Minimal storage
  • No snack/parent tray


I would recommend the Peg Perego Booklet to any parent who wants a baby stroller that has a compact lightweight frame but also has ample seat space. The Booklet has a convenient self-standing feature and one hand folding operation. Perfect for busy parents on the go.

Other convenient features of the Booklet that are not immediately obvious are the hooks located on each side of the handlebars for hanging diaper bags, purse or anything similar.

The handlebar is also covered with a strong but soft and easy to hold material that will withstand a lot of punishment.

The handlebar can be adjusted to a very comfortable height for tall people and can also be adjusted for use by shorter people and older children.

Peg Perego Booklet Travel System

Although the Peg Perego Booklet is the ideal baby stroller for 2018 the Booklet also offers a travel system option, or to be more accurate travel system options.

You can purchase a color-coordinated car seat and stroller option which consists of the Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat and the Booklet Baby Stroller for right around $600.00, if you choose black or onyx as the color.  The car seat base is also sold separately.

Check here for the current price of the Booklet Travel System in Onyx. 

Booklet Travel System Baby Stroller

Check here for the current price of the Booklet Travel System in Tulip (red).” 

The travel system pictured below is a bit more involved. It is the Peg Perego Book Travel System that comes with a car seat, bassinet, diaper bag, and stroller.